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Re: Annoying high piched sound

Posted by Randy on 9/29/08
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    On 9/29/08, Sandie Parker wrote:
    > Hello. I am looking for some advice to stop my 7 year old
    > male CAG from making this horrible high pitched noise
    > everytime my husband walks into the room, especially if he
    > is in his cage at the time. Once he is on a perch stand
    > in the family room, or where ever and my husband is in
    > there also, he stops making the sound. This just started
    > about 3 to 4 months ago. I have read to ignore it, we
    > have tried that and it doesnt seem to be working. I am
    > home with Keeta all day and he never makes that sound,
    > only when my husband is home. It is getting so bad with
    > hubby that he feels the bird is taking over our home and
    > that if he is in his cage which is in the kitchen, hubby
    > cant even be in that room. I know Keeta adores my husband
    > and loves being a part of the "flock", and is a very
    > smart, talkative, healthy Grey, but this bird sound that
    > he makes could break an ear drum and we need a plan.
    > If you have any advice, I would love to hear it. Thank
    > you so much.
    > Sandie

    It really doesn't matter what age the bird is. Some birds
    show a certain reaction to a person/persons at a very young
    age and others start doing the same thing at an older age.
    It's the bird's reaction and something triggers that
    reaction no matter what that reaction is. If your bird
    greeted and reacted with a low soothing clucking sound,
    would you be here asking how to make that bird stop? My
    advice , because there is no aggression involved is for your
    husband to immediately go over to the cage and immediately
    let him out because you say that the yelling stops once he's
    out. It's probably a way of communicating with your husband.
    Obviously, your bird isn't going after your husband when
    he's finally out. You've tried covering. Didn't work and
    that doesn't surprise me. This is just one suggestion and
    opinion. Others might give you other methods.