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Re: Annoying high piched sound

Posted by Sandie Parker on 9/29/08
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    Thank you Randy for responding. I was afraid to have hubby go
    to him when he is making this sound afraid that it would re-
    enforce Keeta to just keep doing it for attention. I will
    watch exactly what happens tonight when Jim (hubby) gets home
    from work. At that time of day, Keeta is out on a perch with
    me in the kitchen while I am cooking. I will report what

    Now while I have everyones attention, ha ha, every October
    Keeta picks out the middle of every feather he can reach and
    then starts growing them back when we go to florida for 5
    weeks in Feb and March. He is full feathered again by June.
    We have tried everything, took him to the avian vet, nothing
    wrong with him except maybe being spoiled rotton. We tried a
    light, we tried a small humidifier, spray baths with aloe,
    diet, etc. Nothing worked. I have to think it is the weather
    in Michigan, him not getting outside as he does in the summer
    on the boat where I live, therefore not getting fresh air and
    sunshine. If anyone knows of something I missed trying,
    please let me know. He is still fully feathered now and so
    beautiful. Would love to keep him that way!
    Thanks so much.