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Re: Annoying high piched sound

Posted by Sandie Parker on 9/29/08
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    On 9/29/08, karen wrote:
    > On 9/29/08, Randy wrote:
    >> On 9/29/08, Sandie Parker wrote:
    >>> Hello. I am looking for some advice to stop my 7 year old
    >>> male CAG from making this horrible high pitched noise
    >>> everytime my husband walks into the room, especially if he
    >>> is in his cage at the time. Once he is on a perch stand
    >>> in the family room, or where ever and my husband is in
    >>> there also, he stops making the sound. This just started
    >>> about 3 to 4 months ago. I have read to ignore it, we
    >>> have tried that and it doesnt seem to be working. I am
    >>> home with Keeta all day and he never makes that sound,
    >>> only when my husband is home. It is getting so bad with
    >>> hubby that he feels the bird is taking over our home and
    >>> that if he is in his cage which is in the kitchen, hubby
    >>> cant even be in that room. I know Keeta adores my husband
    >>> and loves being a part of the "flock", and is a very
    >>> smart, talkative, healthy Grey, but this bird sound that
    >>> he makes could break an ear drum and we need a plan.
    >>> If you have any advice, I would love to hear it. Thank
    >>> you so much.
    >>> Sandie
    >> advice , because there is no aggression involved is for your
    >> husband to immediately go over to the cage and immediately
    >> let him out because you say that the yelling stops once he's
    >> out.
    > Ouch, responding as suggested above will reinforce the
    > behavior.
    > You want to redirect not reinforce
    > If you can open the cage door when the bird is quiet & calm
    > that is best.
    > But if the frenzy has started & you feel you must do something
    > try to redirect
    > When the bird makes the "bad" sound reply with a "good" sound.
    > This works wonders with Grays
    > I like "woohoo" as a contact call. (good sound)