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Re: Annoying high piched sound

Posted by Sandie Parker on 9/29/08
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    Karen responded:
    > Ouch, responding as suggested above will reinforce the
    > behavior.
    > You want to redirect not reinforce
    > If you can open the cage door when the bird is quiet & calm
    > that is best.
    > But if the frenzy has started & you feel you must do something
    > try to redirect
    > When the bird makes the "bad" sound reply with a "good" sound.
    > This works wonders with Grays
    > I like "woohoo" as a contact call. (good sound)

    ooops sorry about the previous empty post.

    Karen, thank you. I like the woo hoo Keeta does do a whistle of
    woohoo when he wants our attention, he also rings the cell
    phone. As I said smart bird.
    I had him out on perch with me in the den here when hubby got
    home, and for some reason, not a peeo. Jim had him step up,
    Keeta flew on his finger, Jim talked to him for a minute put him
    back on his perch and not a bad sound came out. I will try what
    you suggest.