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Re: air cleaner

Posted by GreyLady on 10/10/08
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    On 10/10/08, Barb wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I currently have an Oreck air cleaner that is not
    > helping my allergies with the dust from my grey. If I
    > invest in another type of air cleaner can anyone recommend
    > what works good for the powder dust that I'm allergic to??
    > Thanks,
    > Barb

    You didn't say if it's HEPA filtered or not. If not, that is
    a must. Also, the closer it is to where you bird spends most
    of his time, that is best. Catch as much of it as possible,
    as soon as possible. Another cheap way to help catch a bunch
    of it is to get a 20X20 inch box fan. Get the cheapest
    furnace filters you can find at Lowes, HomeDepot, etc. Get
    the 20X20 ones of course. Set one behind the fan so that it
    is pulling the air through the filter as it circulates. You
    will be amazed how much builds up on that filter very
    quickly. When it loads up, trash it and go to a clean one.
    For the one time investment of the fan and the few cents each
    for the fan, it's a very effective addition to regular air
    filtering machines. Also making sure the bird gets regular
    baths, showers or mistings, (which ever it prefers) will
    help. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies in the diet and red
    palm oil also helps. Good luck.