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Re: air cleaner

Posted by Barb on 10/16/08
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    On 10/10/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 10/10/08, Barb wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I currently have an Oreck air cleaner that is not
    >> helping my allergies with the dust from my grey. If I
    >> invest in another type of air cleaner can anyone recommend
    >> what works good for the powder dust that I'm allergic to??
    >> Thanks,
    >> Barb
    > You didn't say if it's HEPA filtered or not. If not, that
    > a must. Also, the closer it is to where you bird spends
    > of his time, that is best. Catch as much of it as possible,
    > as soon as possible. Another cheap way to help catch a
    > of it is to get a 20X20 inch box fan. Get the cheapest
    > furnace filters you can find at Lowes, HomeDepot, etc. Get
    > the 20X20 ones of course. Set one behind the fan so that it
    > is pulling the air through the filter as it circulates. You
    > will be amazed how much builds up on that filter very
    > quickly. When it loads up, trash it and go to a clean one.
    > For the one time investment of the fan and the few cents
    > for the fan, it's a very effective addition to regular air
    > filtering machines. Also making sure the bird gets regular
    > baths, showers or mistings, (which ever it prefers) will
    > help. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies in the diet and red
    > palm oil also helps. Good luck.

    thank you for your help! I did invest in a heppa air cleaner
    that will arrive on Monday, so hopefully that will help. My
    bird gets daily baths in the kitchen sink but I don't see it
    helping the dust, dander at all. I will try palm oil too.