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Re: air cleaner

Posted by Rodney on 10/27/08
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    On 10/16/08, Barb wrote:
    > On 10/10/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 10/10/08, Barb wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    > thank you for your help! I did invest in a heppa air cleaner
    > that will arrive on Monday, so hopefully that will help. My
    > bird gets daily baths in the kitchen sink but I don't see it
    > helping the dust, dander at all. I will try palm oil too.
    Hi Barb,
    Please don't use any type of oil on your CAG. They have their
    own oil source and there is know telling if you could do damage
    to your bird's feathers by using oil on them.