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Re: air cleaner/right, no oil on bird

Posted by GreyLady on 10/27/08
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    Perhaps I should have been more clear. The Red Palm Oil is a
    dietary supplement to be added to certain foods. It is definitely
    not something to put on the outside of the bird. Nuts from the red
    palms are a staple in their diet in the wild and is very good for
    them, diet wise. The only thing safe to do from the outside is to
    mix some pure aloe juice in their bath water. And that means,
    straight from the plant, not an over the counter product with aloe
    in it. Those products have other ingredients as well and can be
    toxic if they preen it off. Pure aloe, on the other hand, is as
    good for their inside as their outside. I hope this clears it up.