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Re: air cleaner

Posted by Randy on 11/27/08
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    On 10/10/08, Barb wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I currently have an Oreck air cleaner that is not
    > helping my allergies with the dust from my grey. If I
    > invest in another type of air cleaner can anyone recommend
    > what works good for the powder dust that I'm allergic to??
    > Thanks,
    > Barb

    If you have a medically diagnosed case of a bird induced
    allergy,there is no type of filter sold with or without hepa
    that will stop that allergy from constantly reoccuring. All
    air purifiers have the ability to take in air that has a
    maximum sized dust which is .003 microns. Any dust that size
    or lighter will stay in the air without falling to the
    ground because of the constant air current in the room.
    Anything heavier will fall to the ground or land on anything
    that's it it's path such as furniture. When the dust falls,
    there is no air filter that has the ability to put that dust
    back into the air to be drawn in.If you have a PC in that
    bird area you'll see that the PC and surrounding areas are
    constantly dustier than in other rooms. In a parrot room,
    especially one with greys and TOOs.that room will stay
    dusty because there's a constant movement of animals who are
    always throwing off dust even more so than 4 legged animals.
    The only place where an air purifier works correctly in in a
    room that's already clean and only has microscopic dust
    floating around which all rooms do have.
    Basically, air purifiers are weak vacuums which only have
    the strength to pull in air that's close by. get the
    strongest machine around that has a strong suction to it.
    Most Oreck machines are strong but they don't have the power
    to pull in that heavy dust. If you have true allergy a true
    allergy look into getting an exhaust fan which can be put in
    a window. That type of item will pull the dusty air out of
    the room quickly because they're very powerful.