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Re: air cleaner/right, no oil on bird

Posted by For Randy on 11/27/08
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    On 11/27/08, Randy wrote:

    > """"The only thing safe to do from the outside is to
    > mix some pure aloe juice in their bath water. And that means,
    > straight from the plant, not an over the counter product with aloe
    > in it. """""
    > Pure aloe juice can't be taken from any aloe plant. The only thing a
    > plant contains is aloe gel. The only way to get aloe juice is to
    > purchase it. All aloe juice is pure because of it's primary use.
    > It's for people who have digestive and intestional problems. Doctors
    > have been recommending it to their patients for years. There is no
    > advertising concerning the use of the juice on birds. Info about the
    > benefits to birds was accidently discovered. The product isn't
    > advertised in any bird books because it's not a bird product. Use of
    > this product on birds was circulated by word of mouth over a long
    > period of time. It's still not talked about in bird books.

    My Dearest you've done it. You will have angered the
    GreyQueen because she does not take kindly to anyone disputing her
    claims and advice when it comes to Aloe. Foolish, foolish boy.
    She will probably summon a winter that will last for a thousand years.
    Gird your loins.