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Re: air cleaner/right, no oil on bird

Posted by GreyLady on 11/28/08
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    On 11/27/08, Randy wrote:
    It's still not talked about in bird books.

    Oh really? Call it gel or call it juice or call it what it really
    is, "gooey stuff". So long as it comes from the plant, it is fine.
    And yes, the product called "juice" which is for human consumption, is
    also good for them. But, why would we try to soak their outsides with
    expensive juice when what comes straight from the plant is cheaper and
    works much better as a topical. The juice can be used as a dietary
    supplement. Uh, "Randy", in case you need clarification, topical means
    applied to the outside. If no one talks about it, I wonder why so many
    well recognized names in parrot related information seem to agree with
    me? And by the way "Randy", it's still not all that entertaining how
    you will make posts using different names, talking back and forth to
    yourself, constantly trying to stir up strife. Have you no life?

    Parrot Pharmacy in a Leaf