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Re: Critters in Seed

Posted by petparrots on 10/28/08
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    On 10/27/08, oops wrote:
    > On 10/27/08, Pete wrote:
    >> On 10/26/08, Sid wrote:
    >>> I purchased a large quantity of seed and pellets in
    >>> order to save on food for my two CAGs. When I stick the
    >>> food cup into the storage container, I sense some sort of
    >>> tiny insect running up my arm and over uncovered areas. The
    >>> insect is not visible and is barely felt, but they seem to
    >>> go for the facial area. Does anyone know what this could be
    >>> and how to eliminate it? Thanks
    >> I know what you mean, but I cannot tell you what they
    > are?
    >> When the weather turns freezing, put all of the effected
    > food
    >> out to freeze the critters away. You could also use your
    > home
    >> freezer, but you seem to be talking about a very large
    > volume
    >> of food.
    > I had the same problem, I think they may be wielvels? I asked
    > the store where I buy the food if they have had any other
    > complaints, they said no, but birds eat bugs in the wild so
    > dont worry about it, not sure that sat well. Not liking the
    > idea of critters in the food.

    Just place seed/pellets in freezer for few days takes care of
    all bugs and wont get seed moths either. We store nuts
    everything and just take out what we feed each day. Easy and
    waste is alot less especially in these hard economic times!