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Re: My African grey ate gum/GET TO A VET NOW

Posted by GreyLady on 11/12/08
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    This bird needs a really good Avian vet, right now. It
    should have gone in as soon as you realized it had ingested
    any of the nicotine. There is a very good chance your bird
    has nicotine poisoning, which will very likely be fatal if
    not treated. Even if there was not enough nicotine to cause
    a fatal poisoning, any kind of gum can cause obstruction of
    the digestive system. The change in eating and pooping are
    very stong signs of a serious problem. If you want to save
    your bird, please don't delay and don't let them make you
    wait several days for an appointment. Contact an Avian vet,
    explain what happened and get in, today if possible. Don't
    worry about being "scolded". Stuff happens and no one is
    more aware of that than an Avian vet. Get in, NOW!