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Post: timneh

Posted by biscuit on 11/16/08

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    I was on this site about a year or 2 ago when my timneh
    was in her terrible two's (but a bit late). I was
    desperate, and thought that I would have to find her a new
    home. Every time I walked out onto the patio where her
    cage is, she made this crazy sound like I was trying to
    kill her. And if I tried to go near the cage the sound
    became louder, louder. until she started flapping her
    wings as if in great distress. I was alarmed and
    concerned at first, then after months I became not so
    understanding, and just wanted her to get over herself as
    everyone said she would.
    As the vet said, and everyone with birds confirmed, she
    suddenly did get over herself, and is now the sweet, hand-
    raised grey that I always dreamed of having as a companion.

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