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Re: RE: Greylady`s Air Cleaner

Posted by wondering on 11/20/08
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    On 11/20/08, Pete wrote:
    > I read Greylady`s post last month about using a 20" box
    > fan and filters to clean the air and it made sense. It took
    > a while to find the box fans, but it finally hit me that
    > would have them. I got two in order to qualify
    > for free S/H and the filters were available at Home Depot
    > for about $3.00/4 pack. The residue from two CAGs can be
    > VERY noticeable and this idea seems to help a lot. The
    > Lasco box fans were under $20.00 each and are fairly quiet.
    > THANK YOU Greylady. Pete

    pete where do you live? box fans are in every walmart in