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Re: RE: Greylady`s Air Cleaner

Posted by GreyLady on 11/20/08
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    On 11/20/08, Pete wrote:
    > I read Greylady`s post last month about using a 20" box
    > fan and filters to clean the air and it made sense. It took
    > a while to find the box fans, but it finally hit me that
    > would have them. I got two in order to qualify
    > for free S/H and the filters were available at Home Depot
    > for about $3.00/4 pack. The residue from two CAGs can be
    > VERY noticeable and this idea seems to help a lot. The
    > Lasco box fans were under $20.00 each and are fairly quiet.
    > THANK YOU Greylady. Pete

    You are welcome Pete. Glad it was helpful. But you should
    be able to find them even cheaper, as suggested. If not
    WalMart, try Lowes or Home Depot, if you have either. I
    lucked out. I saw mine at Lowes, on sale for $10. I would
    have bought it that day but was doing other things and just
    didn't want to mess with it. Lucky for me because when I
    went back a couple days later, they were marked down to $5.
    Could not believe it. That was at least 5 or 6 years ago and
    that fan is still running strong. A great $5 investment. I
    will warn you though, the grill and the fan blades will
    really get filthy, inspite of all the filters catch. I take
    my grills off, hose them down and clean off the fan blades as
    needed. Also, you should be able to find much cheaper
    filters. You don't need the high dollar ones that your
    furnace needs. Just the real cheapies. Mine work out to be
    about 50 cents each. Again, check those home improvement
    stores. GL