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Re: Read old post - got it

Posted by Birdmom on 11/22/08
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    Before everyone hollers at me............I checked GL's old post
    and I have it figured out.

    On 11/22/08, Birdmom wrote:
    > I have been reading this and now I have to ask a question. I
    > already invested in a very expensive room air purifier with a
    > hepa filter, but when this thing fails, I will know what to do.
    > I worry about the cool air shooting out of the top of this
    > thing - that it will chill the birds. How do you position your
    > box fan so that it does not blow loose dust around and also not
    > chill your birds? And do you mount the filters on the back (air
    > intake side) or on the front? I hope no one yells at me for
    > being uninformed........I just need to know exactly how to set
    > this up so it is effective. Thanks.
    > On 11/22/08, Pete wrote:
    >> I live in Brooklyn,NY and we don`t have Walmart Stores.I
    > got
    >> the filters at Home Depot and they cost under 75c each, tax
    >> included (cheap for NY). Home Depot puts away their Summer
    >> stock after the season ends, as do most stores, to get ready
    >> for the Fall and Winter. I will be looking for any clearance
    >> sales next September. THANKS AGAIN Pete
    >> On 11/20/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >>> On 11/20/08, Pete wrote:
    >>>> I read Greylady`s post last month about using a 20" box
    >>>> fan and filters to clean the air and it made sense. It took
    >>>> a while to find the box fans, but it finally hit me that
    >>>> would have them. I got two in order to qualify
    >>>> for free S/H and the filters were available at Home Depot
    >>>> for about $3.00/4 pack. The residue from two CAGs can be
    >>>> VERY noticeable and this idea seems to help a lot. The
    >>>> Lasco box fans were under $20.00 each and are fairly quiet.
    >>>> THANK YOU Greylady. Pete
    >>> You are welcome Pete. Glad it was helpful. But you should
    >>> be able to find them even cheaper, as suggested. If not
    >>> WalMart, try Lowes or Home Depot, if you have either. I
    >>> lucked out. I saw mine at Lowes, on sale for $10. I would
    >>> have bought it that day but was doing other things and just
    >>> didn't want to mess with it. Lucky for me because when I
    >>> went back a couple days later, they were marked down to $5.
    >>> Could not believe it. That was at least 5 or 6 years ago and
    >>> that fan is still running strong. A great $5 investment. I
    >>> will warn you though, the grill and the fan blades will
    >>> really get filthy, inspite of all the filters catch. I take
    >>> my grills off, hose them down and clean off the fan blades as
    >>> needed. Also, you should be able to find much cheaper
    >>> filters. You don't need the high dollar ones that your
    >>> furnace needs. Just the real cheapies. Mine work out to be
    >>> about 50 cents each. Again, check those home improvement
    >>> stores. GL