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Re: RE: Greylady`s Air Cleaner

Posted by GreyLady on 11/23/08
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    No problem. First off, I don't use it as a replacement for my HEPA
    filtered air cleaners. It is in addition to them. You put the
    filter on the back (intake) side. The air flow keeps the filter in
    place and prevents "junk" from getting to the fan motor. I used
    the fan orginally, just to promote air flow in the room. But added
    the filter later when I saw how many larger feathers were being
    drawn to it. It keeps a lot of the larger stuff out of the more
    expensive filters in my air cleaners. My bird room, which is
    actually my enclosed but not temp. controlled, lanai. It is twice
    as long as it is wide with bird cages down both sides of one end.
    I place my fan in the middle, blowing towards the end where there
    are no cages so it doesn't actually blow on any birds or cages. I
    have my air cleaners in a position where the straight up draft from
    them also does not hit the cages or the ceiling directly above the
    cages. As for the box fan blowing stuff around, you can't totally
    prevent that. If something gets in front of it, it will blow it a
    bit but I have not found it to be excessive, nor enough of a
    problem to offset all the stuff it does catch. Does that help? If
    not, let me know. GL