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Re: Plucking chest feathers

Posted by GreyLady on 11/30/08
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    On 11/29/08, John Oakes wrote:
    > My Africian Grey continues to pluck out all the feathers
    > on his chest. He has come to the stage where there is pink
    > skin showing and he seems to be biting his skin. He has
    > several toys, is 5 years old and talks continuously. He
    > seems content and happy, eats well and is a great bird.
    > Could this be because he is bored? Any suggestions on how
    > to stop this activity? Thank you.

    John. More information is needed for us to try to help you.

    Describe his diet.
    Are you sure it is a male bird?
    What are his bathing habits?
    When was the last time he had a check up with a good avian
    Describe the surroundings of his cage.
    How often, and for how long, is he out of his cage?
    How long has he been doing this plucking?