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Post: Plucking chest feathers

Posted by John O on 11/30/08

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    Hi and thank you for the response. Malcolm is, we
    believe, a male. This is what the breeder told us when we
    purchased him five years ago, but they did say that
    Malcolm might be a female. His/her diet consists of a
    commercial food product known as Vitakraft Premium Menu.
    Malcolm also gets unsalted peanuts, grapes, and some
    veggies. He bathes every so often by going over to his
    drinking container and splashing water all over himself
    (and everything else). He does this several times a
    month.Malcolm has never been to an avian in his life. I
    probably should have acted on this behavior of the
    plucking sooner, as Malcolm has been doing it for several
    years now. I have located a local avian vet and will be
    taking Malcolm there next week. Also, Malcolm was moved
    from the kitchen area where he was able to get out of his
    cage everyday, which he did, to our bedroom where he is
    now. We had obtained a large dog, English Mastiff, and
    were afraid that he might pounce on Malcolm, so that is
    why he was moved. Since being in the bedroom, Malcolm
    will not come out of his cage. He's been in this area for
    about one year now and he just will not come out of the
    cage, no matter how hard we coax him and how much time the
    cage door is left open. Malcolm has a number of toys and
    we've just purchase several more for him but I do not feel
    that boredom is the reason for this. He continues to talk
    up a storm, mimics the phone, calls out my son's names all
    the time, responds to us when we get home, says "hello"
    when the phone rings, calls out my name and my wife's name
    to the point that it is hard to tell who is doing the
    calling. Literally talks to the dog and tells him to "come
    here" and seems to actually use barking sounds. Malcolm is
    an amazing bird and we all love him, even if he sometimes
    comes out with some nasty words that have upset the
    neighbors in the summer when the windows are open. Upset
    to the point that they have asked us to close the windows
    when they have company over for outside meals. Malcolm
    acquired this language, we assume, from our two teen aged
    sons, who are no longer teens and have, more or less,
    admitted their errors
    in judgment. Regardless, Malcolm is a dear soul and we
    want him to be better. Any suggestions that you have will
    be much appreciated! Thank you. JohnO
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    > On 11/29/08, John Oakes wrote:
    >> My Africian Grey continues to pluck out all the
    >> on his chest. He has come to the stage where there is
    >> skin showing and he seems to be biting his skin. He has
    >> several toys, is 5 years old and talks continuously. He
    >> seems content and happy, eats well and is a great bird.
    >> Could this be because he is bored? Any suggestions on
    >> to stop this activity? Thank you.
    > John. More information is needed for us to try to help
    > Describe his diet.
    > Are you sure it is a male bird?
    > What are his bathing habits?
    > When was the last time he had a check up with a good
    > vet?
    > Describe the surroundings of his cage.
    > How often, and for how long, is he out of his cage?
    > How long has he been doing this plucking?
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