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Re: To adopt or not to adopt

Posted by Ima Grey on 12/05/08
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    On 12/05/08, birdiegirl08 wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have recently been given the opportunity to adopt a 12
    > year old congo, and I'm not sure I should do it. I have
    > plenty of time for him, and I have plenty of experience
    > with the larger more demanding species, but this guy has
    > been through a lot and I don't know if I could actually
    > help him. He's a severe plucker, and hasn't been out of
    > his cage for two years. Is twelve years too old to do
    > anything for him? Can he still possibly be coaxed into
    > growing his feathers back, coming out of his cage and
    > being friendly with people again? I want to help him, but
    > I don't want to take him if there's nothing I can do for
    > him.

    You sound like the perfect person to take this bird!
    Twelve years old is nothing in the life span of a Grey.
    His feather loss might be emotional, dietary or health
    related. First thing to do is get this bird (once you have
    him) to an avian vet.
    Next, work on his diet. You know the drill for a varied and
    quality diet. Lots of fresh vegetables, cooked mixes, breads
    and some fruits.
    Take it SLOW with him. Just allow him to absorb the new
    surroundings, sounds and environment. Talk softly and move
    gently around him. This could take months to see his
    When you take him to the vet have the vet clip his wings.
    This will allow you to open his cage door and give him the
    opportunity to come out should he choose.
    Give him some new toys that will stimulate him.
    If there are others in your household make sure that they
    understand and realize that this bird has been through a lot
    and they are not to overwhelm him.
    I hope you decide to take him and I think you will be
    rewarded with a bird that finds you to be the best thing to
    happen to him.