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Re: To adopt or not to adopt

Posted by Rick on 12/15/08
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    Hi Birdiegirl,

    I acquired a 4 year old (now 5) African Grey (m) a year ago
    with a severly twisted little body, from a breeder who was
    trying to breed this poor little guy. How he was to perform
    was beyond my comprehension.
    This breeder (truly uneducated with deformities), or didn't
    care and was only attempting to make money from him, thought
    I could do miracles with his body. But in turn, there was
    nothing that could have been done to correct this via of my
    Avian Vet. His deformity does not stop him from playing,
    clowning, coming out of his cage, etc. He is a great talker.
    He has the best personality, although not handable, but
    biteable (ouch).
    We have never had a Honeymoon Stage, and doubt if we ever
    will. But we have a great understanding and live in harmony
    just the same. Just as this breeder thought I could do
    wonders for this little guy, so probably could you for your
    little guy.

    A little love and attention goes a long way for these
    precious creatures. Handable or not. They are forever
    grateful in their own little feathery way.

    On 12/05/08, birdiegirl08 wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have recently been given the opportunity to adopt a 12
    > year old congo, and I'm not sure I should do it. I have
    > plenty of time for him, and I have plenty of experience
    > with the larger more demanding species, but this guy has
    > been through a lot and I don't know if I could actually
    > help him. He's a severe plucker, and hasn't been out of
    > his cage for two years. Is twelve years too old to do
    > anything for him? Can he still possibly be coaxed into
    > growing his feathers back, coming out of his cage and
    > being friendly with people again? I want to help him, but
    > I don't want to take him if there's nothing I can do for
    > him.