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Re: air cleaner

Posted by Rick on 12/15/08
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    Sorry, I found your posting on the box fans. Thanks again.
    Please disregard this request.

    On 12/15/08, Rick wrote:
    > Hi GreyLady.
    > I must have missed this posting, but sure would interested to
    > know what was suggested with your fan and filter setup. Our
    > Grey isn't as dusty, but with the combination of them all, it
    > does circulate throughout.
    > Thanks in advance.
    > On 12/11/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 12/11/08, Pam Penas wrote:
    >>> grey lady thanks for the advice for the box fan and filter.
    >>> saved my house and probally some lung tissue
    >> You are most welcome Pam. Always glad to hand along hints,
    >> especially if they can save us some money.