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Re: Still the same I see

Posted by GreyLady on 12/28/08
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    On 12/27/08, Laceys Mom wrote:
    > I thought I'd check out the posts as its been a while
    > since I've been here. I see there are still those who want
    > to slam everything Grey Lady says. That's unfortunate
    > because she has a lot of experience and you would probably
    > learn a thing or two if you would listen.
    > I hope the gentleman decides to get the 12 year old grey.
    > I have one that is almost 15 now. I got her when she was
    > 10 and we have an understanding. I don't invade her space
    > and she won't bite me unless absolutely necessary. It
    > works for us.
    > And to those who are getting ready to make childish
    > comments about me, don't bother because I won't be back
    > for a very long time.
    > Grey lady, hang in there and ignore the bratty children.

    Thanks. Not to worry about me. I'm tough. Their comments
    only show their character (and maybe a tad of jealousy?) and
    are like water on a duck's back. But it is nice to see a
    kind word from time to time. The best of the New Year to you
    and yours. GL