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Re: bewildered

Posted by You'll Never Know on 12/30/08
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    On 12/30/08, JimBobs Mom wrote:
    > Wow, this is my first time here because I am looking for
    > people with experience with greys. Such cattiness. Why the
    > hatred people? I don't understand. My mom always said that
    > if you don't have something nice to say, KEEP YOUR BIG
    > MOUTH SHUT. I don't know you grey lady but I apologize for
    > these people anyway.

    With all due respect, JimBobs Mom, since you haven't been
    here before (or maybe you have? remember Jim from Australia)
    you have NO IDEA what went on years ago with GreyLady and the
    people that really contributed valuable information and KNEW
    birds with actual hands on experience.
    They are gone and now GreyLady is trying to act the victim as
    if she is innocent and being persecuted.
    Birdmart was once a thriving board with hundreds of posts
    The majority of information given here today is not based
    upon actual experience, but one person's ability to do
    internet searches and advising verbatim.
    It's like a ghost town now. So sad.