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Re: bewildered

Posted by GreyLady on 12/30/08
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    On 12/30/08, JimBobs Mom wrote:
    > Wow, this is my first time here because I am looking for
    > people with experience with greys. Such cattiness. Why the
    > hatred people? I don't understand. My mom always said that
    > if you don't have something nice to say, KEEP YOUR BIG
    > MOUTH SHUT. I don't know you grey lady but I apologize for
    > these people anyway.

    Don't give them another thought. They are not worth your
    time. If you check some of the other board categories here,
    like Macaws, Tiels, general chat and so on, you will find
    each has it's share of trolls. Pretty much the same folks
    but using many different names on their posts. I pretty much
    ignore them and help if and when I'm able. There are several
    knowledgeable folks who hang around here but I guess some
    don't have skin as tough as mine. Too bad because many can
    be very helpful if they would not let themselves be chased
    away. If you have a problem of need something, let us know.
    I'll shoo away the pesty things and do what I can to help and
    maybe some of the others will as well.