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Re: picky eater

Posted by karen on 1/01/09
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    On 1/01/09, jimbobs mom wrote:
    > Any ideas on how I might get my 2 year old CAG to eat
    > stuff other than his fruity pellets? He will occaisionally
    > eat nilla wafer cookies or a french fry but won't eat
    > fresh fruit or veggies. He won't even eat peanuts or any
    > kind of nut. Won't eat eggs, etc. He does try to take food
    > I am eating right out of my mouth. It seems he wants me to
    > chew his food for him. I don't let him do this though. The
    > vet says he healthy. He talks up a storm, doesn't chew
    > feathers and he spends a lot of time using me as his
    > personal jungle gym. Does the fact that he is a picky
    > eater matter? This is my first bird so I have don't have
    > experience with other birds.

    Good for you, glad you care about diet!
    This should be easy and fun
    considering there is interest already
    When you are going to eat, (good stuff only!)have him join
    you. You are his flock & flocks eat together!
    start with steamed sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, peas,
    yolk from boiled eggs, etc. I start with warm food, NOT HOT

    Take care not to give hot food & not microwaved(hot spots)
    -be super carefull of anything with a skin, beans, peas,
    corn etc.- Be so careful about hot
    you do not want a burnt crop, so, so bad!!
    (as in dead bird bad) [:-( Strong enough warning?

    Give your bird his own dish, You eat some from your dish,
    give him an item from his dish, Make a fuss like you would a
    child, Yummy,Yummy good boy! share from your dish
    Mix in a few of the pellets that he likes, scoop up a bit of
    the sweet potato on the pellet and give it to him.
    keep it fun & be calm and kind
    It can take time
    Think of your bird like a 2 year old child, he sees you eat
    and enjoy, he will want to try after a little bit, If you
    push he will recoil and not want to join in as it is not fun.
    Oops almost forgot!!
    His dish MUST be heavy enough that it will not flip over
    with him WHEN he steps on the edge of it!!! I use a HEAVY
    stone ware dish that he can stand on when empty.
    No flip over disaster & fright!
    Good luck & HAVE FUN