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Re: picky eater

Posted by Tim on 1/01/09
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    On 1/01/09, jimbobs mom wrote:
    > Any ideas on how I might get my 2 year old CAG to eat
    > stuff other than his fruity pellets? He will occaisionally
    > eat nilla wafer cookies or a french fry but won't eat
    > fresh fruit or veggies. He won't even eat peanuts or any
    > kind of nut. Won't eat eggs, etc. He does try to take food
    > I am eating right out of my mouth. It seems he wants me to
    > chew his food for him. I don't let him do this though. The
    > vet says he healthy. He talks up a storm, doesn't chew
    > feathers and he spends a lot of time using me as his
    > personal jungle gym. Does the fact that he is a picky
    > eater matter? This is my first bird so I have don't have
    > experience with other birds.

    They make a hanging skewer for birds, you impale chunks of
    fruit and veggies on it, hang it in the cage like a toy, he
    plays with it and eventually starts eating it, good way to
    get em to eat new foods.