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Re: picky eater

Posted by For Karen on 1/02/09
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    On 1/01/09, karen wrote:

    > Take care not to give hot food & not microwaved(hot spots)
    > -be super carefull of anything with a skin, beans, peas,
    > corn etc.- Be so careful about hot
    > you do not want a burnt crop, so, so bad!!
    > (as in dead bird bad) [:-( Strong enough warning?

    Karen, I can appreciate your enthusiasm and wanting to
    give "sound" advice, but can you please explain this to me?

    What is your theory on skin on beans, peas, corn, etc. These
    are birds and, trust me, they can handle skin. Did you ever
    stop to think what wild parrots eat?

    And I will tell you this about "hot." The only bird that is
    subject to burnt crop is a baby who is being hand fed with a
    syringe. There is not a bird alive that will eat something
    that is so hot as to cause it crop damage. Even a baby who is
    being spoon fed will NOT take food that is too hot. When the
    heat of the food hits the tongue, the bird will spit it out or
    stop immediately eating it.

    Good advice is great but nix the drama.