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Re: picky eater

Posted by For Karen on 1/02/09
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    On 1/02/09, karen wrote:
    >> What is your theory on skin on beans, peas, corn, etc. These
    >> are birds and, trust me, they can handle skin. Did you ever
    >> stop to think what wild parrots eat?
    > Think for just a moment
    > A Pea or bean that has been microwaved can be boiling under the
    > skin and explode like a boiling bomb when the skin breaks.
    > Basic Physics!
    > It is called superheating and can happen with any item that has
    > a skin or surface tension.
    > Including water in a cup.
    > When given a treat by a trusted person some birds quickly eat
    > what ever they are given
    > Just because it has never happened to you does not insure it not
    > happening.
    > Harsh & quick to snap you are

    I am thinking...rationally!
    Forget physics and let's go with basic biology. I stand firm on
    the statement that I made that a bird's tongue will tell it
    everything it needs to know before it is caused damage.
    If you boil, microwave or prepare food in such a manner that that
    high of a temperature is reached, you've already destroyed the
    nutrients available to the bird.
    And I have to say that if this has happened to you, shame on you
    for being so ill informed that you would subject your birds to this