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Re: picky eater

Posted by karen on 1/02/09
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    > Forget physics and let's go with basic biology. I stand firm on >
    And I have to say that if this has happened to you, shame on you
    > for being so ill informed that you would subject your birds to
    > treatment.

    Oh yes, shame on the first time bird mom looking for advice.
    Shame on the person trying to be helpful
    Shame on the harsh person that wants to be hurtful
    when help is wanted

    I have helped out at 3 large refuges for over 5 years
    as many as 3x a week. You would be wide eyed at the things
    people do from lack of basic knowledge.
    Also, power & thermal is my area of work so I tend to lean in that
    Biology, not so much.

    Try to help, not hurt