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Re: picky eater

Posted by GreyLady on 1/02/09
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    Okay, JB's Mom. Now you see what kind of trolls there are that hang
    out here. And, as I pointed out before, they do not have the gonads to
    use the same name on all their posts. When you see that kind of name,
    you can probably just not waste time opening the post. It will be this
    kind of tripe. Back to your situation, I agree with Karen. She has
    given you good hints. All parrots are drama queens. The more excited
    you act over something, whether it's food, a new toy or whatever, the
    more excited they will be about it. Also keep that tendency in mind
    when it comes to any unacceptable behavior that will crop up from time
    to time. For bad behavior, we want to do just the opposite; no
    reaction at all. Simply turn away and ignore the bird for a few
    minutes. As for the beans, or almost any legume, they must be
    thoroughly cooked. They can be toxic if raw or undercooked. Checking
    for hot spots is just plain old common sense. Again, as Karen said,
    you are dealing with the same as a 2-3 year old child. So long as you
    keep that in mind, you should do well. Let us know if you need
    anything else.