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Re: picky eater

Posted by jimbobs mom on 1/03/09
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    On 1/02/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > Okay, JB's Mom. Now you see what kind of trolls there are that hang
    > out here. And, as I pointed out before, they do not have the gonads
    > use the same name on all their posts. When you see that kind of name,
    > you can probably just not waste time opening the post. It will be
    > kind of tripe. Back to your situation, I agree with Karen. She has
    > given you good hints. All parrots are drama queens. The more excited
    > you act over something, whether it's food, a new toy or whatever, the
    > more excited they will be about it. Also keep that tendency in mind
    > when it comes to any unacceptable behavior that will crop up from time
    > to time. For bad behavior, we want to do just the opposite; no
    > reaction at all. Simply turn away and ignore the bird for a few
    > minutes. As for the beans, or almost any legume, they must be
    > thoroughly cooked. They can be toxic if raw or undercooked. Checking
    > for hot spots is just plain old common sense. Again, as Karen said,
    > you are dealing with the same as a 2-3 year old child. So long as you
    > keep that in mind, you should do well. Let us know if you need
    > anything else.
    > GL

    I see what you mean GL. It would be nice if everyone could share advice
    and opinions without the tension. I am always careful of hot foods on
    the instruction of avian vet. Jimbob is not overly fond of warm food.
    Jimbob was very sick a year ago and almost died. As far as we could
    figure he may have fallen and caused hematoma to liver. He also suffered
    a severe neurological adverse reation to antibiotics. Based on that then
    maybe he has just formed an aversion to different foods. Not sure. He
    already sits with us at table but I have not tried his own dish or lots
    of excitement.These things are definately worth a try. Thanks and I will
    keep you all posted!