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Re: picky eater/for you JBMom

Posted by GreyLady on 1/03/09
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    > I see what you mean GL. It would be nice if everyone could share advice
    > and opinions without the tension.
    They are best ignored.

    I am always careful of hot foods on
    > the instruction of avian vet. Jimbob is not overly fond of warm food.
    > Jimbob was very sick a year ago and almost died. As far as we could
    > figure he may have fallen and caused hematoma to liver. He also suffered
    > a severe neurological adverse reation to antibiotics. Based on that then
    > maybe he has just formed an aversion to different foods. Not sure. He
    > already sits with us at table but I have not tried his own dish or lots
    > of excitement.These things are definately worth a try. Thanks and I will
    > keep you all posted!

    Poor guy, that's too bad. It can be very tricky, mixing parrots and
    antibiotics. Any Avian vet will likely admit that to you also. Hopefully
    the vet will have good records and not ever try the same one again, should
    he have the need.

    You may be right about his reasons for resisting new foods. But it may
    also only be that he is being a parrot, a Grey in particular. They can be
    quite picky. They will also often change their minds about certain foods.
    Mine will love something one day, then the next, look at me as if I've lost
    my mind expecting him to eat it. Then back to liking it in a week or so.
    Go figure. It's alway good to try good hints but the bottom line is, if
    your vet feels he is healthy now, at least diet wise, that's what is
    important. I don't think there is one anywhere that likes everything that
    is offered. We can only keep trying. By all means, let us know how it