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Re: picky eater

Posted by karen on 1/05/09
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    > Jimbob was very sick a year ago and almost died. As far as we could
    > figure he may have fallen and caused hematoma to liver. He also suffered
    > a severe neurological adverse reation to antibiotics. Based on that then
    > maybe he has just formed an aversion to different foods.

    Good info to know.
    A refuge I know of received a macaw that had watched his
    Dad murdered and his dog friend killed.
    The macaw was catatonic and would not eat or drink.
    The refuge people used one of his shed feathers to brush his face.
    After a bit this got a reflex reaction, he grabbed the feather!
    Then they wet the feather with Orange juice, got some in his mouth.
    Bit by bit they brushed food gently against his beak.
    Kindness and his own reflex got him back to being a bird.
    That was an extreme example but what I am trying to get at is
    What is your birds' reflex action?

    My TAG wants to take what is mine. If I eat it he wants it!
    Try to give him something, no thanks! He wants to steal it.
    If he knows it and likes it he will eat out of a dish, but anything new
    has to be a game

    The OWA wants a Big dish of food to dig through!
    He wants to see lots of color & different sizes to flip and toss through

    Since your guy likes his pellets
    try crushing some of the pellets up onto the new food
    Or plant a few of the pellets into oatmeal, soft yam etc.
    One bird I know will eat anything cooked into corn bread!
    A friend of mine has a CAG that is a big talker
    She uses food as a talking game.
    She uses food to “teach” colors; frequently this only gets a grunt
    But her bird will take a bite out of the food, as this is his “prize”
    Such a trick, but it worked to get him to try new foods

    Think about what your guy likes to do the best & work in that direction
    Best of Luck