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Re: picky eater

Posted by jimbobs mom on 1/06/09
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    On 1/06/09, Linda wrote:
    > On 1/03/09, Another mysterious person for GN wrote:
    >> On 1/02/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >>> Okay, JB's Mom. Now you see what kind of trolls there are that hang
    >>> out here. And, as I pointed out before, they do not have the gonads to
    >>> use the same name on all their posts.
    >> Hey GreyNag, who died and left you in charge? This isn't GreyNag's
    >> private and personal advice board, it's BIRDMART. The last time I
    >> checked you didn't have to register youself with a name or email address.
    >> So until that happens, mind your own business and spew your venemous
    >> comments somewhere else.
    >> Everyone is entitled, yes entitled, to say what they like, even you. But
    >> enough with this garbage about posting under the same name. You may be
    >> paranoid about who doesn't like you, but the rest of us know that it's
    >> MOST people that post here. Get over youself. You're NOT that important.
    > Make him a mix of corn bread with eggs, milk, drain juices from can peas,
    > corn, green beans, and any veggies you wish to add. bake it let it cool
    > to warm and give him some and watch him go for it all my birds love it I
    > even put some of the fruit n veggie pellets in you can cut into squares
    > and put in baggie and freeze it and give as you like at a time and put in
    > microwave and warm for him... let me know how it turns out. all birds I
    > have love it I have a breeding pair of congo greys, a pet grey and
    > cockatoo and love bird....

    Good advice and I will try all. It is great to have some things to try. Jim
    Bob is a big talker and loves to learn new words and phrases. He learns
    quick too. Right now he is hollering for a cookie while sitting on my head
    pulling my hair. The vet feels that he was not fed properly as hatchling as
    his legs are bowed more than usual. Is very small (350 gr)and weaned himself
    (I know, probably herself)from formula at 4 months. We think he may have had
    some bad feeding experiences. Thanks again guys.