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Re: Re:Congo African Grey Briding Advice

Posted by Zach on 1/06/09
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    On 1/06/09, What? wrote:
    > On 1/06/09, Zach wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone,
    >> I bought my pair Congo African Grey July last year.
    >> Same time female was sitting on unfertile eggs. After that
    >> time pair did not make any eggs.
    >> They are close band with signs CG.
    >> I reside at New York.
    >> Can some body helps me with reading of band rings and
    >> practical advices regarding good time breading in my area.
    >> Thank you in advance.
    >> BRGDS
    >> Zach
    > Briding,breading? Could you possibly mean breeding? Sounds
    > like you are either not old enough or not educated enough
    > just yet to be able to absorb that kind of complex
    > information. Better forget it for now and don't endanger
    > poor birds. A message board is hardly the place for the
    > of training and experience needed.

    I am sorry for my mistake.( It will be honest if you sign
    with your name)
    But you over reacting for such a small thing..( typical for
    some kind of persons )
    It is not my excuse but I use three more languages other than
    English. Probably it will explain for you my mistake.
    For you I will say :
    Person who knows three languages - three lingual
    Person who knows two language - bi lingual
    Person who knows only one languages dumb ( check for dumb
    spelling please)