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Re: Re:Congo African Grey Briding Advice

Posted by Bobbie Grigsby on 1/14/09
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    On 1/06/09, What? wrote:
    > On 1/06/09, Zach wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone,
    >> I bought my pair Congo African Grey July last year.
    >> Same time female was sitting on unfertile eggs. After that
    >> time pair did not make any eggs.
    >> They are close band with signs CG.
    >> I reside at New York.
    >> Can some body helps me with reading of band rings and
    >> practical advices regarding good time breading in my area.
    >> Thank you in advance.
    >> BRGDS
    >> Zach
    > Briding,breading? Could you possibly mean breeding? Sounds
    > like you are either not old enough or not educated enough
    > just yet to be able to absorb that kind of complex
    > information. Better forget it for now and don't endanger the
    > poor birds. A message board is hardly the place for the kind
    > of training and experience needed.

    This is the first time I have written...
    I do not understand why some people give a responce such as the
    one that responded to Zach's inquiry. I hope not everyone on
    this board are so insensitive.
    It doesn't take an education to have feelings for people...We
    all can't be as smart as the person that wrote that letter.