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Re: Re:Congo African Grey Briding Advice

Posted by mansoor on 2/02/09
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    dear zach

    well i have an adivice which could be helpfull for you.

    well as per my knowledge the temprature in new york is so cold
    and congo grey normally require 26 Degree temprature during
    breeding season i have 6 congo breeder pairs and normally they
    breed during december to april as well as i would recomend you
    to provide them nectone s formula or dry fruits if they like.

    i hope it will help and also provide them privacy during

    n 1/31/09, Alexis wrote:
    > On 1/06/09, Zach wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone,
    >> I bought my pair Congo African Grey July last year.
    >> Same time female was sitting on unfertile eggs. After that
    >> time pair did not make any eggs.
    >> They are close band with signs CG.
    >> I reside at New York.
    >> Can some body helps me with reading of band rings and
    >> practical advices regarding good time breading in my area.
    >> Thank you in advance.
    >> BRGDS
    >> Zach
    > Zach,
    > I have 2 proven pairs of CAG. I live in Southern Califonia
    > all my life. The outdoor weather is good most of the time for
    > my birds. Just make sure your birds are safe from bad
    > weather. Ask for advice from good breeders in your area how
    > they set up their breeders. I really don't know how they are
    > during winter. The advise I can give you; "Give them good
    > food and clean water all the time". Be patient, if they will
    > breed, they will. If not, still love them. They are nice to
    > be around. My first clutch happened after 3 years that I have
    > them. I am fascinated by these birds.
    > Good Luck.
    > Alexis