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Re: Re:Congo African Grey Briding Advice

Posted by GreyLady on 2/02/09
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    On 2/02/09, mansoor wrote:
    > dear zach
    > well i have an adivice which could be helpfull for you.
    > well as per my knowledge the temprature in new york is so cold
    > and congo grey normally require 26 Degree temprature during
    > breeding season i have 6 congo breeder pairs and normally they
    > breed during december to april as well as i would recomend you
    > to provide them nectone s formula or dry fruits if they like.
    > i hope it will help and also provide them privacy during
    > breeding.
    > thanks
    > mansoor

    There is absolutely no advice in this message that is of any real
    help. And most assuredly, if you want dead birds, keep them in a
    26 degree enviornment. If you intended it to be Centigrade, you
    should specify. Most folks in this country use fahrenheit and
    you seem to be indicating it's okay for them to be below