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Re: Re:Congo African Grey Briding Advice

Posted by Rick on 2/03/09
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    On 2/02/09, Birdmom wrote:
    > real
    >> help. And most assuredly, if you want dead birds, keep them in
    > a
    >> 26 degree enviornment. If you intended it to be Centigrade, you
    >> should specify. Most folks in this country use fahrenheit and
    >> you seem to be indicating it's okay for them to be below
    >> freezing.
    > This board is useless with all of its petty bitching. I am
    > unbookmarking this site and going elsewhere

    By no means is this comment by Grey lady "petty bitching". Best to
    ask, comment, and have posted a re-clarification before someone
    misconstrues it and ends with dead birds. It can be very misleading to
    newbies. I agree, We do need to be a bit more careful with posting
    information regarding our geographical areas. We assume we are all in
    the same country.

    Regarding the "this board is useless" comment, I beg to differ with
    you. Many people have gained valuable information, making this an
    invaluable site to some. JMO.