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Re: feather plucking female CAG

Posted by GreyLady on 1/31/09
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    On 1/31/09, kinger wrote:
    > 7yr old grey who plucks as a chastisement to me just
    > wondered if theres any thing knew on the market for this
    > problem,been doing off and on for maybe 3yrs,does it as a
    > punishment to me for whatever.

    The bird is not doing it for that reason. They don't think
    that way. There is a reason for it but getting to the bottom
    of it is the hard part. If the bird has not had a check up
    in the last six months to one year, that's where you need to
    start. Any possible health reason must be ruled out first.
    Then you have to assess diet, bathing habits, humidity in the
    home, amount of, and variety of toys available, amount of
    time spent out of the cage, amount of attention you give and
    other concerns. And most important, how you deal with the
    bird and how you react to the plucking (which should be not
    at all other than to offer a distraction). Without realizing
    it, the owner can be the cause by reacting in inappropriate
    ways to the bird's other behaviors.