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Re: feather plucking female CAG

Posted by GreyLady on 2/02/09
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    On 2/01/09, kinger wrote:
    with all do respect to your knowledge on birds this
    > is my bird,she can and does behave that way because she is an
    > Evil little Brat like a 2 yr old in the terrible twos,she
    > barks, rolls over, growls, and I never taught her one of those
    > tricks picked it up watching my Grandaughters and they dont go
    > near the bird

    Okay, whatever. You just plod right along then. But until you
    understand how a parrot mind does, and does not work, you are not
    going to find many answers. Imitating a behavior they see is
    exactly that. It is not done with any "evil purpose" in mind,
    other than to imitate and duplicate anything that successfully
    gets attention for others, whether it's other birds or the humans
    in their lives. Until you learn, and accept what's really going
    on with her, you won't know how to deal with it and it will