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Re: Bites my husband

Posted by Rick on 2/04/09
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    On 2/04/09, Regina wrote:
    > On 2/04/09, Jim Bobs Mom wrote:
    >> Jim Bob will fly to my husband and land on his shoulder
    >> and put his head down to be rubbed but as soon as hubby
    >> goes to pet, Jim Bob bites him (OUCH). Why is he doing
    >> this?
    > Because you named him Jim Bob. What kind of name is THAT
    > unless you live below the Mason-Dixon Line!

    Awe, I think that's a cute name.

    I can only imagine that Jim Bob is jealous of your husband. I
    know how hard African Greys can bite too, your poor hubby. Is
    Jim Bob usually okay with him or no? Is this a repeated
    behavior? Give us a little more info on his normal behavior.

    Sounds as though he may fly to him and then draws him in with
    the ole head scratch stance and then strikes. We have a Macaw
    that does this to women. He lifts his foot, as if to say, pick
    me up and then, once they try and pick him up, he has
    accomplished his bite. Has only done it once thank goodness.