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Re: Bites my husband

Posted by Jim Bob's Mom on 2/05/09
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    On 2/05/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > Another question to add to Rick's. Does he do this only when he
    > is on the shoulder or does he do it from other locations as
    > well? I agree, it might be jealousy. But it may also just be
    > what I call the old "bait and switch" thing Greys and some
    > will do. Appear to want a scritch, sucker the person in with
    > lowered head, then nail them when they least expect it. I'm
    > convinced they are laughing inside, everytime they pull this
    > off. One thing that might help is to keep him off of shoulders
    > and definitely learn his body language. When the head is
    > lowered, watch his eyes. Is he still making eye contact and/or
    > do you see his pupils expanding and contracting? Are his neck
    > and head feathers up or down?

    Jim Bob was named by my 4 year granddaughter. We kind of liked it
    and Jim Bob could care less.

    Jim Bob almost always bites when he is on hubby's shoulder but
    will allow him to scratch sometimes when he is not on his
    shoulder. I am not usually close enough to see what his eyes are
    doing but his body language is kind of stiff but feathers are
    down. His body laungage is definately different than when he is on
    my shoulder. He tries to steal food from my husbands mouth when he
    is eating and when denied he bites. Sometimes he warns first by
    saying ouch.