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Re: Bites my husband

Posted by GreyLady on 2/06/09
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    Yeah, heard that about the name. Two of mine have names that do not
    fit them, even close and are certainly not names I would have given
    them. One is even an opposite sex name. However, they care less.
    Only that they each know their names, recognize when I speak to them
    and seem to love to hear the sound of their own name. They both use
    their names when referring to themselves. Now, to your bite issues.
    It sounds like you already have a pretty good handle on what's going
    on. As Pete says in his post, many feel that allowing them any
    height can lead to problems, and that is probably true with some. In
    my flock, I have never had it to be even a tiny problem. But, all
    birds are different. It may be that you have one who does take that
    as an opportunity to be "alpha". You may have to keep him off
    shoulders to put a stop to it. Also, it sounds like he is letting
    you know, whether on purpose or by accident, that he is about to take
    a nip. When he says "ouch", you could follow up with a firm but
    quiet, "no", and set him off on his cage or play gym. If you can
    notice that stiffness, that is also a good indication you are
    learning his body language. When he is "stiff", don't give him the
    opportunity to bite. You may already know, but just in case, please
    don't ever let him take food from any mouth. The bacteria we and
    other pets have in our mouths can be deadly to them. I think you
    just need to continue studying that body language, keep him off
    shoulders and it will probably work itself out. Let us know if you
    need more help.