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Re: Bites?

Posted by GreyLady on 2/06/09
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    On 2/06/09, Pete wrote:
    > My male CAG, Luigi, likes to playfully `Bite` me on the
    > cheek, neck or ear when he is on my shoulder, but it`s more
    > of a nuzzle with his hard beak. He chews rather than bites
    > and although it hurts, I think he is just asking for
    > constant attention. I have heard many times that birds get
    > a feeling of dominance from being at equal height with your
    > head and should always be lower than your head to avoid
    > problems. There is certainly something to this, but we are
    > all softies and let the birds do as they please. Injury is
    > a real possibility so I always wear glasses to avoid eye
    > injury. I had an Aunt who had a pet Parakeet that would
    > land on her eyeglasses as she would read the paper. This
    > was fun for years, until the bird apparently lunged at his
    > reflection in her eye and took a chunk of the white of the
    > eye. After many weeks of treatment ,all was well; but she
    > learned the hard way.

    I agree. See my reply to the other post. Your Aunt was
    extremely lucky and it shows that we can't necessarily relax
    our vigilance, just because it's not a huge bird. I have a
    friend who always asks, "do you wonder why pirates always
    wear an eye patch?" Might be something to that. ;-)