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Re: Bites?

Posted by GreyLady on 2/06/09
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    > Grey lady,
    > You know I have never given one thought to the Pirate and their
    > Eye Patches. I can see that being possible. You're friend may be
    > right.
    > See, we learn something new every day. And we have 2 B&G Macaws
    > to boot. Go figure. This is what we call in our thinking, "food
    > for the day". Thanks again.

    Yes, I think she always said it sort of tongue in cheek but those
    of us, especially with the big guys, can see how it could happen.
    I have only one Macaw and, interestingly enough, he/she is the
    one that most seems to want to be on my shoulder. It's pretty
    obvious it was SOP at his first home I guess. This was a rescue
    (from the second home) and biting was a real issue for a long
    time, due to the circumstance in that home. We have now come to
    an understanding of sorts but I'm still pretty nervous about the
    shoulder rides. I try to keep him off but am not always
    successful. I don't want to make a big deal of it but when he
    manages to thwart my best efforts, I waste little time getting
    him to his gym or some other place where I know he is willing to
    step off me, to get to it. I also keep my face turned as far as
    possible from that beak while in transit. What you said about
    ears is right on but I figure if worst comes to worst, I'd rather
    lose some ear than an eye or part of my cheek. Whew, the things
    we put up with, just for these birds!