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Re: Bites?

Posted by Rick on 2/06/09
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    On 2/06/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >> Grey lady,
    >> You know I have never given one thought to the Pirate and their
    >> Eye Patches. I can see that being possible. You're friend may be
    >> right.
    >> See, we learn something new every day. And we have 2 B&G Macaws
    >> to boot. Go figure. This is what we call in our thinking, "food
    >> for the day". Thanks again.
    > Yes, I think she always said it sort of tongue in cheek but those
    > of us, especially with the big guys, can see how it could happen.
    > I have only one Macaw and, interestingly enough, he/she is the
    > one that most seems to want to be on my shoulder. It's pretty
    > obvious it was SOP at his first home I guess. This was a rescue
    > (from the second home) and biting was a real issue for a long
    > time, due to the circumstance in that home. We have now come to
    > an understanding of sorts but I'm still pretty nervous about the
    > shoulder rides. I try to keep him off but am not always
    > successful. I don't want to make a big deal of it but when he
    > manages to thwart my best efforts, I waste little time getting
    > him to his gym or some other place where I know he is willing to
    > step off me, to get to it. I also keep my face turned as far as
    > possible from that beak while in transit. What you said about
    > ears is right on but I figure if worst comes to worst, I'd rather
    > lose some ear than an eye or part of my cheek. Whew, the things
    > we put up with, just for these birds!

    You are so right, we tolerate an awful lot with our birds. I think
    moreso than people. LOL. I am with you, but I would like to keep all
    my body parts. I have become so fond of them after all these years.

    Of the 2 B&Gs, We have 1 that does and 1 that doesn't like to
    shoulder ride. The one that doesn't can get pretty crotchety at
    times, so I would rather she not anyways. She never attempts to want
    to either, this is a good thing. The other, he is an all around love
    bug, so he gets to shoulder ride. He is in 7th heaven riding up
    there. Never a problem. He is too tame for his own good, but perfect
    for us. Except when he decides to scream in our ears while perched
    up there.

    Then We have 2 Green Cheeks that love pulling neck hairs when they
    are on the back of the couch or our shoulders, sometimes the ears as
    well. They are instantly stopped and placed on their tee-stand. Can
    we say pout. Again, 1 ornery and 1 love bug. Just our luck!

    I guess this must be our "happy medium", 1 and 1. Our CAG, well he
    is just plain ornery anyways. He would rather bite us, as look at
    us. He tries to play BITE TAG with us when changing his feed bowls.

    Oh well, gotta love them just the same. Take care.