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Re: timneh african grey talking

Posted by Rick on 2/14/09
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    On 2/14/09, dan wrote:
    > I have a beautiful male timneh, who is almost 2 years old.
    > He is extremely bright, but hasn"t started talking except
    > for a few words here and there. Like all greys he whistles
    > up a storm. What can I do to promote talking, or should I
    > just let him develop.

    Hi Dan,

    Don't underestimate your little guy. You state he only says a
    few words, this is a beginning. By the way, how long have you
    had him?
    We have a four year old CAG, got him about a year ago and
    would only say a few things that he was used to. As time went
    by we started hearing other phrases, even words he has heard
    us say. He now talks more, says hello when the phone rings,
    whistles, makes his own weird noises, grunting noises that
    imitate me getting off the couch, imitates our dogs barking,
    microwave sounds, etc.
    What we have done is, every time we would walk by his cage we
    would speak to him, he lives in the living room, so he hears
    all. We have made him a part of our conversation area so that
    he will pick up what we say, and remarkably has achieved a
    great vocabulary all on his own by listening.

    Like I say, don't underestimate him, give him time, and when
    you least expect it, he will be repeating your comments. To us
    it was fascinating when he started to mimic us. Another thing
    you may want to try is leaving the radio or t.v on when you go
    away as well. Hope this helps, Good luck.